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Proposed house. Artist impression

Illustration showing proposed church community area

Another illustration of the proposed community area from above, showing kitchen area.

Saudi Hotel Cutaway

A varied mix of several architectural works undertaken.

Seating arrangement for royal wedding. More details of this illustration are HERE (in the "watercolour illustrations" section)

An illustration to show proposed extension to a church.

Another view of the proposed church extension building.

Proposed Garden Workshop/Carport. Artist Impression

Proposed Home Extension. Artist Impression

3D rendering of our village church.(see http://www.santasgifteu for an animated version with falling snow)

Cutaway of House showing Water/Gas lines and Electrical Components

An illustration to show the proposed relaxation area for a primary school

Garden office interior

Please use your scrollbar left to right to view the full illustration below <<<< >>> Also scroll down for more examples

ABOVE: The brief asked for a 24 hour day in the life of a city, hence night-time at each end. (Scroll to sunset >>>>) For another cityscape click here.

Garden Veranda Illustrations

Section through house walls

Environmentally friendly house designs.

Below: "Walmington", home of the fictional "Dads Army"

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Converted Barns Illustrations

Converted Victorian School

New Factory Units Development

A watercolour cityscape


Virtual 3D model of Garden Centre


Some architectural samples using linework with colour tone

Some street illustrations for U.S.A. educational books

Watercolour illustration of proposed house


Various thunmbnail illustrations of London Buildings

Illustration of a cutaway house