Space Rescue

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Space Rescue, my first book, is the story of two astronauts stranded on a distant planet. Your quest is to rescue them by finding your way through the most incredible multi-level mazes in the universe!!

I developed the concept of multi-level mazes originally as an idea for large posters (see "The Labyrinth") As far as I know, there are no other mazes of this kind anywhere else. The idea worked well in book form too, by splitting the maze into segments and continuing from page to page.

They were time-consuming to draw, .. a task made all the more difficult by having to make sure that they are easy to follow for youngsters.


Space Rescue is published in the UK by Simon & Schuster:

Hardback ISBN 9 780689 836398

Softback ISBN 9 780689 836541

Also published in Denmark, France and Germany.


Click here to see Maze 1, The city

Click here to see Maze 5, The Shuttle

Click here to see Maze 8, The Planet Surface